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Hekima Place nurtures and supports the girls we serve, providing them with nutritious meals, an education, healthcare, and a loving home.

Much more than a children’s home, Hekima Place is a family, a community, and a beacon of hope and healing for orphaned and vulnerable girls in Kenya. The girls who come to us are among the most vulnerable children in the entire world. In the developing world, girls are already at great risk of being left behind in terms of opportunity and education; girls who have been orphaned, abandoned, or abused face even more daunting challenges. We believe that every child is worthy of love, respect, and care, and we are committed to giving our girls the chance not just to survive, but to thrive.

A Place of Hope

Since its founding in 2005, Hekima Place has become a recognized and respected organization in our service area of Kenya and beyond. Our strong reputation means that our home is now almost always at or over capacity, with ongoing requests to accept more girls in need from the local District Children’s Office. Our ability to respond to these emergency situations is possible through the generosity and support of our private donors. Once we accept a girl into the Hekima Place family, we commit fully to her care and upbringing, and we strive to give her the opportunities she needs to grow and thrive.

A Place of Wisdom

Hekima Place maintains a special focus on the power and promise of education. We know that in the developing world, educating girls is a smart investment in creating prosperous, just, and stable societies. Further, the gift of education helps girls blossom as individuals, sparking their intellectual, social, and spiritual growth. Every Hekima Place girl is given the opportunity to pursue a university education or vocational training, which is made possible through the support of generous sponsors and donors.