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Since our founding in 2005, Hekima Place has cared for dozens of girls in urgent need of rescue and care.

Hekima Place began in 2005 with 10 girls on rented property, and our Founding Director Kate Fletcher has always intended for Hekima Place to remain small and familial.

The need is great, however, and over the last decade we have grown and become a respected part of our community. Today, over 85 girls are part of the Hekima Place family, but we remain a close-knit, intimate community. This strong foundation gives our girls the chance to fulfill their God-given potential to become educated, loving, and engaged members of their community and the world.

“Our future is bright… We are going to change Kenya. When you educate a girl, you educate a whole community!”


3rd year university student. Linet is a Community Development major at St. Paul’s University, student council president of her class, and, as she says, a future Parliamentarian!

“I want to help people who are not yet being helped by other people or organizations. I want to give back to the community in places like Kibera… that still need a lot of help, with many people who are hungry.”


2nd year university student, studying Community Health and Social Work at the African Institute

Impressive Achievements

Attending university or vocational school is a rare opportunity in Kenya, particularly for children from challenged or low-income settings. We are very proud that are girls are succeeding at their courses of study and strategically choosing the direction of their future careers.

Recent university graduates include:

  • Jane, who graduated in July 2016 from Mount Kenya University with a joint degree in Business and Information Technology
  • Purity, who graduated last year with a bachelors degree in Law and began working on an 18 month-practicum at the Kenyan Law School that will qualify her to begin practicing.
  • Maggie, who earned a certificate from Kenya Airways to become a flight attendant. While there, she completed special programs in German language and customer service. Maggie became a full-time employee of Kenyan Airways in September 2016.
  • Dorcas, who graduated with a certificate from trade school for beauty and hair cutting
  • Miriam, who earned a diploma from a vocational school to train in the hospitality industry

Approximately 20 of our girls are currently enrolled at Kenyan universities or trade schools. Five recently completed their schooling, and the others have returned for another term. Five high school seniors will graduate this year, so we expect that over 20 of our girls will continue to be enrolled in higher education over the coming year.