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We invite you to share your unique gifts to help our girls of Hekima Place. How can you get involved?


Hekima Place is funded entirely by private donors, including individuals, families, churches, and other community groups. Our donors contribute what they are able, and the generosity of so many friends and supporters coming together adds up to make a remarkable impact! At Hekima Place, your donation goes a long way, and every penny is used wisely.

Please donate today


If you would like a more personal connection to our work in Kenya, we invite you to join our sponsorship program. Sponsors play a unique role in the lives of our girls, forging relationships that can last for years and beyond. Learn more about becoming a sponsor by visiting our Sponsor page.

Sponsor a Girl


We welcome volunteers from around the world, and are grateful for the many skills and talents they bring to Hekima Place. Our volunteers often return to Hekima Place year after year, developing close friendships with our girls over time. Learn more about volunteering at the home in Kenya by visiting our Volunteer page.

Volunteer with us

Our volunteers make a huge impact in the United States, Canada, and around the world by helping with fundraising, community outreach, and volunteer recruitment. For more information, contact U.S. Executive Director Kraig Makohus. We think we have the best volunteers and supporters anywhere– and we’d love for you to become part of the Hekima Place family through volunteering!