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“EDUCATION is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela
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Transforming Educational Opportunities for Children in Kenya

Kenya, like most countries in Africa, has experienced many years of instability, from famine and extreme poverty to the AIDS epidemic.

According to the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (www.ungei.org), 46.5% of girls in Kenya get married and have children before reaching the age of 18. The literacy rate of girls lags behind boys, and even though the primary school population is evenly divided, girls comprise only 46% of secondary students and 38% of college students.

As we prepare our girls to become future citizens and leaders, we must give them the best education possible.

High-caliber schools in our region of Kenya are urgently needed, not only for the girls of Hekima Place but also for children from nearby rural villages and towns.

Providing education for Kenyan girls is especially critical, as research has shown that when young girls and women are educated, they are able to care better for their children and lead their communities and families out of poverty.

Opened in 2020, Hekima Hills Learning Centre serves the orphaned and vulnerable girls living at Hekima Place along with children from the community from pre-kindergarten through Grade 6. Our school is uniquely positioned in the community by providing a faith-based education to over 220 children centered on love.

We provide the children with the resources and tools they need to succeed where each student receives a full set of books for their own use, and access to a cutting-edge computer lab, science lab, and life skills centre. Our core values include joy, discipline, creativity, faith, trust, and a love of learning and our curriculum empowers the children to grow into successful and self-sustained individuals.

Our School

In an atmosphere of love and security, Hekima Hills Learning Centre students will dream of the future, experience possibilities far beyond their beginnings, and find the pathway to a life that is self-sufficient and uniquely theirs.

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