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Become a Sponsor

By joining our sponsorship program, you directly support our work to care for orphaned and vulnerable girls in Kenya.

Play A Special Role

Play A Special Role

You also play a special role in making your sponsored girl feel valued and loved.

Our girls treasure the letters and photos they receive from their sponsors, and look forward to hearing from you throughout the year.

The Hekima Place Sponsorship Program

  • Each sponsorship helps covers the cost of school fees, clothing, and supplies. In many cases, the sponsorship program also makes it possible for Hekima Place girls to pursue higher education or vocational training.
  • We make sure that Hekima Place girls are healthy and safe. Your sponsored child will receive regular check-ups, vaccinations, dentist appointments, and other health care. Girls receive a balanced diet at home and school, and we ensure that the campus drinking water is safe and clean. Good nutrition and healthy habits are nurtured and encouraged.
  • Each child at Hekima Place receives personal attention, guidance, and opportunities for play and fun, all in a safe, loving environment. The girls’ primary caretakers are permanent, full-time employees who love children and are committed to the Hekima Place philosophy. Girls in need of counseling are given the support they need.

To sponsor a girl at Hekima Place, we request a minimum annual donation of:


  • $750 ($62.50/month) for girls at the primary or secondary school level
  • $3,000 ($250/month) for girls attending university or vocational school

Have questions?

We would love to tell you more! Please contact our Executive Director, Laura Bright.